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The New Style of Los Angeles Real Estate Services...  That's Disrupting the Industry


There was a time many years back when your local Los Angeles real estate agent was your only true source of buying and selling a home in the Los Angeles real estate world.  These local real estate professionals were basically the gatekeepers of all information needed to move forward in the transaction process and they really liked keeping things close to the vest so you'd have no choice but to need them to get anywhere in the industry.  But boy, how times have changed.  With just a few clicks all information is freely accessible to anyone and everyone like never before

Home listings with photo and video galleries are all over the net now a days.  Want to know about a school district, crime rates or local economic stats, yeah you could get that information too in a matter of seconds.  The advent of the internet has truly made the whole buying and selling process much easier now than ever before... and yet many of our local big name competitors defiantly refuse to be truthful and admit how much easier things have gotten for fear of losing business and becoming obsolete.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that there's no need to have an agent now a days... I'm just acknowledging how the modern day client has become much more well versed and prepared than many of our predecessor of the past... Sorry Mom and Dad

Back in the day, other than seeing a sign on a lawn or an ad in the paper, you really didn't know much about the real estate world in your local area.  You were never really able to find information on your own.  You'd basically have to meet with a realtor to get that info.  You'd tell them things like where you lived if you were looking to sell and what you were looking for in terms of buying.  Days later they'd get back to you with a market estimate for your homes value and or a list of homes they'd like for you to see in your journey to buy.

Now a days the exact opposite seems to be the norm.  For example today's home owner already seems to have a better understanding of the market and what their home is worth.  While your local home buyer seems to know about home listings and availability well before meeting with a realtor.  You see it everyday, home owners justifying their listing price through research they've done on their own and home buyers giving a list of homes they'd like to see to the realtor they're working with.  It really has become a collaborative effort so to speak, which in turn has created skepticism in the value of the traditional realtor and altered the way business is done in the real estate world.

With competition being fierce and a good number of alternatives already out there, the luxury of complacency is no longer an option anymore within the industry.  Many buyers and sellers are really beginning to believe that they could go at things on their own and create a worthwhile solution that benefits their needs a whole lot more than working with a realtor.  This new shift in mindset has really created a scenario that's going to be of no benefit to both the consumer and the realtor and we as a company don't want that happening.

Yeah, we understand that change is inevitable and you can see that with the unique way we go about doing business.  But when change lowers the quality of standards across the board, that's when we begin to care.  We as a company are not like many of our counterparts who'll dismiss trends as nothing more than a new fad that'll be gone real soon.  We choose to understand what's going on and find a middle ground that works for both you the client and we the realtor.

Right now we know there's many third party real estate websites (keyword being website because they're not really a real estate company) out there who are offering low commission rates and rebates on all their transactions at the cost of lesser service.

And then there's the traditional style of realty.  Full service representation at a full service cost.  There are no cash back rebates on any home purchase transaction they represent you in.  And you will pay a whole lot more in service cost for a full and complete service experience.

As you can see both styles of services have their own benefits and their own flaws... and we at StandOut Realty want to combine the best features of both worlds and make the whole buying and selling process better for you the Los Angeles real estate consumer.

I'm telling you people, it's easy finding a practical solution that works for everyone in the Los Angeles real estate world but it's just a matter of your local realty firm wanting to do it.  Paying more doesn't always mean you're getting more and paying less doesn't always mean you're getting value.  It's really a combination of the two concepts that's really the future of the industry and we here at StandOut Realty are doing it.