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Large Firm Real Estate Service... Without The Large Firm Real Estate Cost...

Just because you’re paying more doesn’t always mean you’re getting more.  Sadly, that right there is the state of the real estate world here in Southern California.  Perception and reality are just two entirely different things... and the actual quality of service they “the name brand realty firms” are giving is just comical considering the actual amount of money they’re expecting you to pay.

Gone are the days when your local real estate agent was your “end-all, be-all” source of buying and selling within an area.  The modern day consumer has a much better sense of market conditions and general understanding, which has created a much more educated consumer than ever before.  Today’s home buyers and sellers already seem to know what’s going on well before meeting with a realtor and it’s that same advancement of knowledge that has made our overall duties as realtors that much easier.

Which begs the question, why are our name brand competitors still expecting to be paid like they were paid before?  I mean think about it, half of our job title requirements are being taken care of by you the much more educated / market savvy consumer.  So seeing how you’ve helped so much in the process then why shouldn’t you get more out of the process?

As you can see we’re not like everyone else in our business model and approach to creating value.  First and foremost we are an independent CLIENT FIRST realty firm.  We have chosen not to carry the name of a Keller William, Compass, RE/MAX and or Century 21 in our title because of the extra cost that comes with being a franchise.  The name on the front door should not have any bearing on the quality of service and value that a realty firm brings to its community.  Being lean, efficient and organized is of more importance to the culture of our organization than having a name brand title that everyone knows about.  Keeping cost down and being responsible is part of our core values as a business.  This is the platform in which we have chosen to build our business model around... and this is the platform we believe will have the biggest impact in the Southern California real estate world in the not too distant future.