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StandOut Realty Rates vs. Traditional Realtor Rates, Savings Breakdown Charts

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Have you ever wondered what many of these chain realty firms charge to list and sell a home for?  Have you ever asked yourself what the cost would be?  Like what are the "EXPECTATIONS" of these big name firms?... well we here at StandOut Realty have an idea of what's going on and we want you to see it too.

With many of these traditional old school real estate brokers "EXPECTING" a 6% commission split (3% going to the listing side and the other 3% going to the buying side) selling your home has really become a pricey proposition now a days... but we at StandOut Realty don't really believe it should be that way.  We believe in the home owner keeping more of their own homes value and saving more money.

With an average savings of 40% - 60% per full and complete transaction, StandOut Realty has really become Los Angeles' premier discount realtor.  Our 1% listing side commission rate and tiered commission rate structure on the buying side has truly changed the landscape of the industry and put pressure on our competitor to bring more value to their system, which in turn brings more value to you.

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