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Home Evaluation Formula Based On...

  1. Half Mile Radius From Your Home
  2. Past 3 Months Home Sales
  3. Similar Square Footage (with 10% Give or Take Ratio)
  4. Similar Bedroom / Bathroom Count
  5. and lastly... Home Condition

All Home Evaluation Request Forms received are individually evaluated with respect to unique home features, school districts and other market condition an Algorithm / Artificial Intelligence can't process, see or understand.

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Even Zillow Knows They're Wrong

So a few years back on a CBS This Morning interview, co-host Norah O’Donnell asked Spencer Rascoff (owner and CEO of Zillow) about the accuracy of Zillow's automated home evaluation system “Zestimates”.... and here's what Rascoff had to say, "so our median error is about 8%"

Yes that was an exact quote and there was no paraphrasing whatsoever in this writing.  Rascoff was also quoted of saying, "if you want to get a more accurate opinion of your homes value you should talk to a real estate agent or an appraiser"

Once again there was no paraphrasing whatsoever.  These were exact quotes taken from an interview with CBS This Morning (google it)... also included a few screenshots of the interview.

zillow's CBS This Morning
zillow CEO CBS This Morning
CBS This Morning Crew

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