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Our Full Service Real Estate Check List

Being an upstart real estate company that's bucking all the trends of an industry that hasn't seen change in years can create a lot of false narratives of who we are and what we do... and we're here to talk about all those rumors and set the record straight.

So seeing how many of our competitors just love to talk without any actual knowledge of who we are and what we do.  We decided to DOCUMENT the full range of services we provide to our clients and finally put to rest all the questions one may have about us.

1  .  Home Evaluation Report - AKA the first step of the process, gives you an understanding of what your home is worth by comparing similar sized homes (condition, square footage, bedroom and bathroom count) that sold in your area (half mile radius) in the past 3 months.

2  .  Market Planning - At this point of the process we're basically putting together a game plan with regards to your homes pricing, clutter cleanup, clutter organization, staging advice, schedule planning, showing procedures, picture taking and marketing content.

3  .  Marketing and Media Management - Registering your home on such websites as The MLS, Realtor .com, Zillow, Trulia, Redfin and countless other real estate media sites.  Coupled with our personalized social media marketing plan, visual ad creations and personal website page.

4  .  Target Marketing - This type of marketing is more than just having your home listed on the web waiting for it to be seen.  With Target Marketing we're contacting many of our connections in the loan and investment industry and in office buyer leads letting them know about your home.

5  .  Active Listing Management - While your home's on the market we'll make sure everything is in order and there are no issues.  We'll be handling all the scheduling requests, open houses, offer submissions, pre-qualification screening, buyer leads and status reports for you at this time.

6  .  Offers Management - We'll handle, review and organize all offers that come in.  Vetting each loan offer in terms of strength and weaknesses, while also verifying proof of funds for down payment and or all cash offer purchases.  You'll also receive free consulting and advice as well.

7  .  Offers Negotiations - Everything from counter offers to terms and conditions you don't like, we'll always be handling everything on your behalf with a great amount of respect and regards towards your time, goals and expectations.

8  .  Transaction Management - Everything from contingency removal to management of complicated matters such as inspection reports, appraisals and or loan docs, everything will be handled in house by our transaction coordinator team AT NO EXTRA CHARGE TO YOU.

9  .  Closing - Basically the final steps of the home selling process.  At this point we're basically making sure all contingencies are waived, escrow docs are done, buyers walk through is set and final signings are done before possession is transferred.

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