StandOut Realty(8)

1. 1% Real Estate Home Listings PERIOD!!! (Seriously What An Awesome Commission Rate)

2. Tiered Commission Rate Structure on the Buyers Side (if we also find you a buyer, we'll drop the buyers side commission rate to 1.5% for an extra 1% in savings)

3. Full Service Representation at a 40% - 60% Discount Rate (we market and list your home... handle all offers, negotiating and contracts... we'll also assist in all closing duties... we basically do everything they do but at a much greater value to you)

4. The Opt Out Clause (as long as we're not in escrow or negotiating with a buyer or getting close to closing, you can walk away whenever you want... your time will never be tied down, you will always have the freedom to walk away if you're not happy)

Looking To Sell?... Check Out Our 1% Real Estate Listing Rates

With a combination of exceptional service and money saving value, our 1% Commission Rate Program and Tiered Commission Rate Structure is just like no other.  Just look around and you'll see there aren't ANY real estate companies here in LA doing what we do.

Now I know there's going to be many of our competitors who'll try to compare us to the many tech brokerages all over the internet but we're nothing like them.  We're a legit local real estate company that's there for you from start to finish.  Unlike many of those fly by night Real Estate WEBSITES we take care of all the negotiating, contracting, paperwork and marketing.  Corners will not get cut.  You will receive the same level of experience, if not better service than many of our competitors out there.


Full Service Real Estate Representation Without The Full Service Cost - LA's Premier Discount Broker