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Cash Back Real Estate Rebate Rules:

1. We can not represent you if you are working with another realtor (from a business standpoint it's ethically and morally wrong to steal clients)

2. You have to be pre-approved if you're looking to buy with a loan and you must show proof of funds (nobody will look at your offer without that)

3. You have to find the home you want us to represent you on (you get paid for the research you do)

4. We will only be representing you on individual offers you write with us and not any other listings afterwards if you don't want that (you have freedom to move on afterwards if you're not happy)

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Back in the day, other than seeing a sign on a lawn or an ad in the paper, you weren't really able to find much information about homes that were up for sale or market conditions on your own.  You'd basically have to meet with a realtor to get any information and you're local realtor would actually have to work to get paid.

My how things have change.  Now don't get me wrong, the local realtor is still important in the whole process but not as important in the beginning.  Now a days the modern day home buyer has usually taken care of the hardest part of the process... finding a home.  Most buyers now a days tell their realtor what they want to see and what they want to write an offer on, which in turn has made the job much easier.

Seeing how things have changed, we as a realty firm feel like it's only fair to pay you back for all the hard work you did for us.  I mean, we're not really working as hard as we did before, so why should we get it all and keep it all?... hence the creation of our Buyers Real Estate Rebate Program.  You find the home, you let us know, we'll set up an appointment to see the home and we'll represent you if you want to write an offer.  If your offer gets accepted and we close, we'll reimburse 1% of our commission rate (which is several thousands of dollars) for all your hard work.

As you can see we're not your traditional Buyers Agent but lets be real the traditional Buyers Agent really is a thing of the past.  All our buyers representation contracts are usually for the one listing you're looking to write an offer on and we allow you to move on later if you're not happy with the situation or in escrow.  We're not like other realtors who want to tie you down.  We'll write as many reasonable offers as you want us to and we're cool with you going a different path as long as we're not in escrow and getting ready to close.

Our Buyers Real Estate Rebate Promotion is only good for out of office listings, we can't not offer the same 1% rebate on listing we're representing for the seller.  Now while we can't offer 1% back on our lists, we do offer a $500 rebate instead... which is still better than nothing and still better than what most other realtors are willing to give back.  Fill out the form and or call, text or Facebook Message us if you've found a listing you want to write an offer on and we'll take care of the rest.