The Extra Cost of a Real Estate Team

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Same Work Same Service Without The Same Extra Cost

Oh the push back on this is going to be so fun... but I'm going to say it anyways... The Real Estate Team Concept is a Sham.

Yeah I did just go there and I know I'm going to have a lot of the corporate real estate agents who've sold their souls to the big name realty firms out there dispute this but it's 100% true.

For the past few years many real estate media outlets have been pushing the agenda of the team concept onto the consumers to keep commission rates high when the overall job of the day to day Realtor has become easier and easier everyday because of the advancements of technology.

Now please understand that what I'm writing here has nothing to do with me having an old school mentality when it comes to the real estate industry because as you can see I'm not your traditional old school real estate agent. This is more or less about false promises, deception and lies that are out there... and how it costs you the home buyer and seller more at the end.

While on many occasions I have bashed on many of the old school ways of doing business... I will give them all the love in the world when it comes to work. The old school agents of many moons ago always got the job done by themselves, with not much help whatsoever and with next to nothing in terms of technological advancements... and yet here we are today with all the technology in the world groveling for more help and favor.

The laziness of the modern day real estate agent who works for such teams is just something else. Gone are the days where the concept of being smart, efficient and lean were the mission statement of the industry as a whole and replaced with this flawed and insincere concept of doing business.

Being responsible and hardworking is a foreign concept to many of these big name realty firms who employee teams because it's much easier to push the work onto other in your group when you the home seller footing the bill and paying for everything.

Yes having many people doing the job that can be done by a person or two does costs more... and yes everybody needs to get paid for their efforts, nobody works for free... and that's where you and your costs come along.

Lets stop buying into the hype... it's basic economics, the more people you have working the more it's going to cost you.

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